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All about laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can look remarkably similar to wood or natural stone! Sometimes referred to as “laminate wood floors," this product is also durable, low maintenance, and easy to install. From top to bottom, the multi-layered product has a clear aluminum oxide coating to protect the floor from scratches and scuffs, a design layer, core, and backing that provides additional stability and foundation. Even a version with a unique construction keeps spills from absorbing and causing staining, buckling, or warping.

Installing laminate flooring: easy, uncomplicated and budget-friendly

Our team of professionals loves installing laminate flooring because it's so fast and uncomplicated. It can be a floating floor where pieces click together, mat, then hover over the subfloor with no nails or glue. We’re all tempted to save money by doing it ourselves; a professional installation will ensure a beautiful installation with superior performance and longevity. For example, we might use caulking or special extenders to enhance water resistance, or we might sand the subfloor so it lies flat without imperfections telegraphing to the surface floor, the one you’ll see.

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Stylish floor savings

Modern technology, like high-definition photography, results in true-to-life images of wood, stone, or tile. They are clear, vibrant, and accurate with raised grains, wormholes, knots, swirls, and veining variations in full display with micro beveling and deep embossing to provide depth, dimension, and textured features. The floors can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood or square pieces to echo stone or tiles.

What’s the AC Rating?

AC Abrasion Criteria) is a one-to-six numbering system that determines the strength, durability, and impact resistance. It’s generally divided between residential and commercial installations; this is an AC-6 used only for heavy commercial placement applications. The higher the number, the more resistant to wear; for example, AC3 or AC4 would be suitable for moderate to high residential applications.
Laminate flooring in Portsmouth, NH from Portsmouth Quality Flooring

Flooring thickness

While laminate is available in a range of thicknesses, the higher the number, the better the quality. A 12-mm thickness will provide an authentic hard surface feeling while eliminating noise and hiding subfloor imperfections. It also offers greater design flexibility, as it's easier to carve on a more dense surface than a thinner one.

At Portsmouth Quality Flooring we stay with our customers from start to finish until we know you’re delighted with your new floor. Our professional in-house team installs every product we sell; and our services range from professional installation to design consultation. Visit our showroom in Portsmouth, NH or Scarborough, ME for your free laminate flooring estimate. We are convenient to Portsmouth, NH, Greenland, NH, New Castle, NH, Rye, NH, North Hampton, NH, York, ME, Kittery, ME, Newmarket, NH, Exeter, NH && Stratham, NH.