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What to think about when choosing hardwood flooring

Everyone loves wood floors! They add warmth, charm, and richness to your home, are classic, and never go out of style. These floors are also versatile, fitting into any style, and add value to your property. When shopping, consider the following factors.

Which version do you want?

Solid hardwood is, as it sounds, one thickness throughout, but engineered wood flooring is a layered construction. At the top is hickory, oak, maple, or whatever species you choose, giving you undertones, knots, grains, and swirls. Underneath are three or more genuine wood layers, combined with a little resin, and then placed in a crosswise position. As a result, these floors have more stability, a better ability to handle water, and can be placed in any grade level, including basements. Like solid, they can be sanded and refinished and add value to a property.

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Prefinished hardwood or choose your own?

The finish is the top clear protective coating, which can be done either at the factory or on-site. You might prefer a factory finish because you've already identified what you want. The coordination process can start while the floors are being completed, and you don't have to be concerned with odors or any mess. You might prefer on-s

What’s your style?

Do you want an exotic or domestic species? Exotics tend to be darker, more dramatic, and harder, while domestics are warmer and more traditional. Also, consider whether you want a broader or more narrow plank and decide whether you want light, medium, or dark floors for the stain.
Hardwood flooring in Portsmouth, NH from Portsmouth Quality Flooring

What are your needs?

Not all hardwood flooring has the same level of strength, so be sure to explain precisely how and where you plan to install and ask about the Janka Scale, a rating system to determine the hardness of the wood. Consider thickness for both solid and engineered because that determines the number of times the wood can be sanded. The ideal thickness for solid is ¾-inch, and it can be sanded up to six times. Engineered has a range from ⅝ -inch to ½-inch, and thicker is better; depending on that number, it can be sanded up to five times.

We’re here in Portsmouth for all your questions

At Portsmouth Quality Flooring we have a quality in-house installation team who installs every product we sell. We have an inventory that includes hundreds of domestic and exotic hardwood flooring species and all the latest styles in any flooring, with services that range from professional installation to design consultation. Visit our showroom in Portsmouth, NH or Scarborough, ME. We work with homeowners and businesses around Portsmouth, NH, Greenland, NH, New Castle, NH, Rye, NH, North Hampton, NH, York, ME, Kittery, ME, Newmarket, NH, Exeter, NH and Stratham, NH. We will be happy to give you a free wood flooring quote.