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What to consider when shopping for carpet

There are good reasons why everyone wants a carpet installation. Rugs add warmth and elegance to a home and come with many benefits, such as improving indoor air quality, providing safety, insulating warmth, and eliminating noise. At Portsmouth Quality Flooring, we take all projects, big or small, seriously. We want you to be an educated consumer, so this guide will get you started on understanding rug terms and phrases even before you walk into our carpet store in Portsmouth, NH and Scarborough, ME.

Fiber is the carpet

It has everything to do with appearance, texture, strength, stain resistance, and longevity. The five most commonly chosen fibers are 1. Wool is natural and soft; 2. Nylon is known for superior strength, stain resistance, and resilience; 3. Polyester is inherently stain-resistant since it's hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't absorb; 4. Olefin is budget-friendly, stain-resistant, often associated with the Berber style, and 5—Triexta is known for its excellent strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

One of the questions we are always asked is if a natural fiber is better than a synthetic. It depends upon your personal preference and how much you value specific characteristics. For example, synthetics can be soft, depending on style, and tend to be a little more stain resistant, but environmentalists may insist on all-natural products.

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The importance of carpet padding

Padding protects the rug from the bare floor and adds comfort. Always ask about the best one for you because some cushions can be too thick for some rugs. They should never be thicker than ½-inch, and Berbers should be no more than ⅝-inch thick. They range in weight from three to 10 pounds, with six being the most common for residential use.

What is the warranty?

The warranty often indicates the manufacturer's confidence in a product. For example, a 25-year warranty will suggest that the manufacturer expects it to last for a while. If, however, you're a person who likes frequent change, you might be okay with a 10-year warranty.
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Your carpet experts

With over 30 years experience, Portsmouth Quality Flooring and services that range from professional carpet installation to design consultation. We will help you choose the right carpeting for your home. Come into our showrooms in Portsmouth, NH and Scarborough, ME, especially if you live in or near Portsmouth, NH, Greenland, NH, New Castle, NH, Rye, NH, North Hampton, NH, York, ME, Kittery, ME, Newmarket, NH, Exeter, NH or Stratham, NH. You will walk out with a free carpet flooring estimate.