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Carpet in Portsmouth, NH from Portsmouth Quality Flooring

What is the relationship between carpet and room temperature?

As you search for the perfect carpet floors, you'll hear they are "warmer" than other floors. But it's important to understand this terminology and what it can mean for your home.

The more you understand about your flooring options, the better products you'll choose. This is a great way to find floors you'll love for years to come.

Does carpet make a room warmer?

Yes, rooms are warmer with carpet floors, but they don't create any warmth of their own accord. Instead, they hold the heat that your heat source makes, so the heat remains inside your home longer.

You'll find different options for a floor with excellent heat retention at our carpet store. Of course, fibers can change things, but so can the fiber length, thickness, and backing materials.

Don't forget that carpet padding matters

An excellent carpet padding adds to the heat retention found in carpeting. Some products are better than others, last longer, and offer more insulative features.

Carpeting and padding work together to make rooms much warmer. And this is a perfect way to floor bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, and more.

Don't forget that these floors also offer impressive visuals and excellent durability. Depending on the carpet floors you choose, you could see a lifespan of more than 20 years.

Visit us for your carpet flooring needs

Choose Portsmouth Quality Flooring when you need the best carpet flooring in Portsmouth, NH. We're here to ensure you find everything you need for the perfect floors.

When you work with our associates, share your needs so we can meet your specific requirements. Then, you can browse our extensive inventory for the perfect fit.

You can choose your carpet floors today at our Portsmouth, NH showroom. From there, we serve communities like:

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