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Carpet flooring in Portsmouth, NH from Portsmouth Quality Flooring

Things to consider when choosing the perfect carpet

“How do I choose the right rug?” is a question we hear all the time in our showroom. After all, when you walk into a carpet flooring store, you'll see hundreds of rolls with different colors, patterns, designs, and styles, all from various mills. Finding the best carpet floors isn't complicated, but do a little research, focus on your needs, and you'll get a quality carpet at a reasonable price.

Do you have a large or small family?

You need to judge the level of foot traffic because you wouldn't want to buy a rug meant only for low traffic areas for a high traffic room. Also, look for special needs, including extra stain resistance and durability; kid-and-pet friendly versions; hypoallergenic; or eco-friendly.

How will the room be used? Would it be the center of family activity or something used only to entertain guests?

Set a sensible budget

Determine a figure, then use that amount, and don’t get distracted by what you may think is a better price; lower prices often mean lesser quality.

Factor in everything when shopping for carpet flooring in Portsmouth, NH, including product: installation, padding, upkeep, adhesives, transition strips, etc.,” then buy the best your wallet will allow.

Know what determines the quality

Look at density, how close together the fibers are tufted. A good density number is 3000 to 5,000 and will appear on the label. Twist refers to how many times fiber is twisted per inch and it, of course, pertains to longer fibers. A higher twist number means less chance of unraveling or fraying. A good number is four or above; that, too, is on the label.

Don’t skimp on padding

You can't see it, but padding plays a vital role by protecting carpet floors from the subfloor. It also gives you that cushiony, bouncy feeling when you walk, and, like carpet, it insulates temperature. The two together have very high insulating properties.

With over 30 years of experience and a knowledgeable, professional team, we can help you find the carpet to transform your floors for both residential and commercial projects. Come in for a free quote; the Portsmouth showroom is in Portsmouth, NH, and we service Portsmouth, Greenland, Newcastle, Rye, North Hampton, Newmarket, Exeter, and Stratham, as well as York and Kittery, ME.