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Carpet in Portsmouth, NH from Porsmouth Quality Flooring

Is carpet padding always necessary?

When shopping for carpet, you'll hear a lot about padding. You may even wonder if it’s essential, and it is.

Please don't skimp on it. Padding does much more than add to that "springy, cushiony" feeling when we step.

Lying just below the rug

You'll see a big square outlined with wooden strips when your carpet's installed. The cushion (padding), which can be foam, felt or rubber, goes in between those strips.

The rug is then stretched over it and affixed with those wooden tack strips.

Don’t just accept whatever is thrown into the bag. Ask the staff at the carpet store about the best type of padding for your rug. Some can be too thick and cause harm.

Increasing your carpet’s lifespan

Without padding, your carpet will lie directly on the bare floor. There will be nothing to protect either the backing or foot traffic.

That will cause it all to fray. Good padding also keeps the rug smooth, without curling edges or rolls caused by normal wear and tear.

Carpet’s benefits

It adds elegance to a room and has a style for everyone and every budget. So, when shopping for carpet in Portsmouth, NH, come into our showroom.

You'll see designs such as Adonis by Stanton, Advocate by Dixie Home, Cape Town by Fabrica, and many more.

Functional benefits

Rugs cushion falls and provide non-skid surfaces. They also hold on to warm or cool air, keeping a room warm or chilly.

Rugs also insulate against noise. For example, the cushioning eliminates the sounds of footsteps, muffled conversations, or beeping devices.

Visit our carpet store in Portsmouth, NH

At Portsmouth Quality Flooring, we take pride in our customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through the entire carpet installation, from start to finish.

You'll be impressed with our top brands, such as Tarkett, Shaw, Bruce, and more. Visit our showroom in Portsmouth, NH. In addition, we service Greenland, New Castle, Rye, North Hampton, Newmarket, Exeter, Stratham, NH; York and Kittery, ME.